Sunday, September 26, 2004

If only the world had valued Jewish life... might have saved its own skin.

This is the inescapable conclusion to be drawn from
this article by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.
A truly outrageous case in point was the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic games of 1972. So casually was this tragedy taken that, amazingly, the games continued the very next day. Unbelievably, the German government released the three captured hijackers a few weeks later, and they promptly returned to a hero's welcome. One must seriously wonder what would have happened had the dead athletes been American, German or British. Would their deaths have been treated so cavalierly? Would these governments have allowed the games to continue before the victims were even buried?
Boteach makes the point that whoever is moving for power in the world, always begins targeting the Jews first. And when you check your history, this turns out to be true.
America today faces the growing evil of Islamic terrorism. But it is an evil that could have been averted. Successive American presidents bear responsibility for not responding to terrorist attacks on Jews.

Jimmy Carter, who still to this day remains one of Israel's biggest critics, viewed Israel as the main obstacle to peace in the Middle East. He didn't see the rise of Islamic fundamentalism coming in Iran or act effectively.
Other American presidents did no better, some a lot worse (although none with as much intentional malignancy as Carter felt, and stil feels). A main theme of this blog has always been: Deal with your mortal enemy as with any other business partner at your peril.
...Reagan also sold AIWAC (sic) radar aircraft to Saudi Arabia, even as that country poured out incessant bile against Israel and promised its destruction. But Reagan's biggest blunder with regard to Islamic terrorists was thinking he could gain the release of hostages by selling the terrorists arms. And with regard to Saddam Hussein, the Reagan administration went so far as to vote to condemn Israel after it attacked the Osirak reactor. Again, had the United States studied Saddam's hatred of Israel, it could have easily served as a warning of the danger he posed to his entire region and the world.
As I've said so often, the US is no friend of Israel. The American people as a whole, in general, is.
It is true that whoever is after the Jews only sees them as his first, and NOT as his only victim.
But for me, it is especially Bill Clinton who will forever be remembered as the president who blew it in the war on terror. He treated Israel and Yassir Arafat as if they shared a moral equivalence and invited Arafat to the White House more than any other world leader – a truly nauseating fact and one that rewarded terror against Jews in particular. Not many years later, the Palestinians – represented by Arafat – would be dancing in the streets as Americans were jumping from 110-story buildings.
As Boteach states, Arafat was given the royal treatment. More violence than ever before was the inevitable result. Clinton never responded the way he should have. The Enemy got more agressive, bolder, and Clinton did nothing. He took smaller attacks lying down. And so, three years ago, the World Trade Center was blotted from the New York skyline. Try and convince anyone that the Jews had anything to do with it. They just always bear the brunt of Evil's onslaught. Boteach calls the Jews "the canaries in the coal mine". Really quite apt, when you think about it.


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