Monday, September 27, 2004

Kerry on Iran

It should be clear by now what Iran's nuclear aspirations are, and where I stand on the subject. If I thought it could be done safely (for the surrounding nations I mean), I feel that Iran should indeed have its nuke.
10 megatons detonated over Tehran at 1500 meters altitude.

US presidential candidate John Kerry (or in this case his wife) has a
different view:
Last February, WorldNetDaily reported that Iran's official Mehr News Agency had received an e-mail from Kerry's campaign pitching the candidate as one who will "repair the damage done" to international relations by Bush.

Yes, once again, Kerry is doing what he always does – what he has done ever since he came to the attention of the American people in 1971 and, in fact, what first brought him to the attention of the American people.

He is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

But, this time, the enemy is not a group of communists in black pajamas with conventional weapons. This time, the enemy is a soon-to-be nuclear-armed jihadist nation with one goal in mind – destroying the "Great Satan," otherwise known as the United States of America.
And what is the effect of this?
It should be of grave concern to every American that among Kerry's top fund-raisers are three Iranian-Americans who have been pushing for dramatic changes in U.S. policy toward Iran.

I'm talking about Hassan Nemazee, 54, an investment banker based in New York, who has raised more than $100,000. Why is he betting on Kerry? Read Teresa's lips.

I'm talking about Faraj Aalaei, who has raised between $50,000 and $100,000 for the Kerry campaign. Why is he betting on Kerry? Read Teresa's lips.

I'm talking about his wife, Susan Akbarpour, whom the Kerry campaign also lists as having raised between $50,000 and $100,000 for the campaign. Why is she betting on Kerry? Read Teresa's lips.
A lot of money flowing into the coffers as a direct result of saying what the Mad Mullahs want to hear. No matter that six months after this idiot would become president, Israel would become Iran's nuclear testing ground, and the US would effectively be barred from the Gulf. No matter. Kerry would be president. And that is all that seems to matter to him.


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