Sunday, October 31, 2004

Survey - Israeli psychology and the Intifada

IMRA has a report about the impact of the second Intifada. Clearly Israel has 'won' this conflict, although it would be better to say the Arabs have lost it, as they have every other conflict they've started with Israel.
But there's a terrible price to pay. Around a thousand Israelis' have died because of Arab violence, most through vicious assinations like suicide bombings and shootings.

But the cost goes much further.
A recent survey conducted by the University of Haifa's Center for National Security Studies. Among the statistics revealed:

A total of 21.8% of Israel's Jewish population has experienced the loss of a relative or friend through terror or war since the outbreak of the Intifada.
More than 1 in 5 Israeli's have lost either a relative or a friend. What does this to a persons state of mind is hard to imagine.

There are many other effects from the ongoing violence perpetrated by the Arabs, and the ever present threat thereof. More about this survey can be found

If nothing else proves it, this survey should: The way this war is being fought is costing the Israeli's far too much, and much much more than is necessary. Only because the Israeli leadership is letting its ears hang too much in the direction of foreign parties, the US in particular, has the price gotten this high.

Israel should not wish to fight this war as a war of attrition. There is no need to. If Israel should persist in wishing to be seen as restrained and humane to those who would commit genocide on the Jews, then the victims will be their own. As they have been the last four years. The living are suffering still. It is time to drastically alter the way the Arabs are handled.


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