Friday, November 12, 2004

Get over it, boys

Seriously. Stop insulting our intelligence. It is a tad too tired, too mad and too old even for you, wouldn't you agree? Excuse me for not shedding any tears over Noddy's death, the undercover KGB operative*, who allowed his people (no, of course he was NOT born in Egypt *and of course NO Palestinians resent that) to starve while he and brave PLO had BILLIONS stashed away. Those gazillions will come in handy for all the male babies who will now be named after him (care to bet?) because OF COURSE he will have left the money to his people, he wasn't stealing it, he was simply, er, keeping it safe. Oh well, at least his fellow men are smart enough to already be making money with his death, what with the medals and the posters and all. Someone send them a shipment of Jarhzeit candles. Spare me the madness. GET A FUCKING GRIP!

In the meantime in Fallujah, children, old people and women, many of them pregnant, starve to death. Those who are not shot or blown to smithereens that is. Oh wait, Rumsfeld did say no Iraqui civillians were going to be killed during this operation and I HEART Rummie so no worries. "God bless us, everyone". Troll, let me count the ways...

And just because I need some fine humour and it's my bloody post:

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I swear I feel an insomnia bout looming.

* (Link found through Efrex)


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