Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Muslim mole inside Dutch Secret Service used steganography

Dutch newspaper Het Parool (Dutch) reports today that the Muslim mole inside the General Intelligence and Security service used digital photo's to relay classified information to the terror cells of which Mohammed Bouyeri (Theo van Gogh's murderer) was a member. The photo's were encoded by a mechanism called steganography, which 'hides' information inside a picture without significantly altering it.
Hiding a message within an image, audio or video file. Used as an alternate to encryption, it takes advantage of unused bits within the file structure or bits that are mostly undetectable if altered. A steganographic message rides secretly to its destination, unlike encrypted messages, which although undecipherable without the decryption key, can be identified as encrypted.
The intended recipient can then download and save such a picture and decode it with a password that was previously agreed.

The photo's were uploaded to a Moroccan travel agency site, Chafarinas Tours. The original site has since been closed down, but an alternate is still online at

Nice to know that these barbarians, who despise so much of what our Western society and technology have to offer, use what they can when it's convenient. Only to destroy it in the end and return to where their mental state already belongs, the stone ages.


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