Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hal Lindsey on Kofi Annan

I love it when others take the time to rip to shreds the miserable SOB Annan. Corrupt, arrogant, Jewhater, opportunist: Exactly what you'd expect as a UN leader.
Hal Lindsey on the Oil-For-Food scandal:
...That doesn't mean Annan is without friends. The ever-faithful Jacques Chirac phoned him to say, as Chirac later told the press, "At a time when some voices whose underlying motives are open to question are trying to call into question the merits ... of Mr. Kofi Annan, all of us in Europe, and indeed in Africa and Asia, consider it legitimate to express our gratitude and our friendship to the U.N. secretary-general."

One would think so! During the Oil-For-Food program's heyday, France was among Saddam's most reliable apologists – and one of the largest recipients of Saddam's kickback program.
None of what Lindey says is much news, but I give him credit for repeating something that the MSM (=MainStream Media) conspicuously leave unsaid (but badly needs repeating):
Kofi Annan should step down because he is – at best – grossly incompetent, and at worst, the leader of one of the most successful criminal organizations the world has ever known. His elaborate bribe and kickback scheme clearly involved Annan's handpicked manager of the program, Benon Sevan, who made millions in kickbacks and then abruptly retired.

Top government officials for permanent Security Council members France, Russia, China, and others are also implicated. Among the recipients of Oil-For-Food cash were the Palestinian terrorist group Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Iranian Marxist terrorist group Mujahadeen Khalq.
Lindsey concludes that nothing will save the UN, not even Annan's immediate abdication. He's probably right, but the end of the UN will be late in coming about, no matter when it actually happens. A slimebucket like Annan is really only a symptom of the disease that is the UN, not the cause. And if Annan finally gets lost (well taken care of I'm sure), another miserable autocrat will take his place. After all, it'll still be the same old UN.


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