Saturday, December 04, 2004

Insanity in the Netherlands

If you think that a few brutal murders and a couple of death threats against politicians and other public figures are enough to make the Dutch re-evaluate their position on Islam, think again. As I've reported here, here, here, here and many other relevant posts, instead of naming the problem and fighting it head on, the Dutch (their politicians, celebrities, journalists, commentators researchers and just about anyone else who thinks he's entitles to an opinion) are falling all over themselves to make Muslim feel more at home here, more secure. Just so (hopefully) they won't hurt us again.

Minister Rita Verdonk of Integration however can top anyone, or at least tries her damnedest. For years now there have been programs aimed at making immigrants become actual Dutch citizens. These programs have all failed miserably, as was shown by a public enquiry, initiated by parliament.
So now, mrs Verdonk is drawing up new legislation (Dutch) aimed at 'integrating' native Dutch people.

I repeat:
legislation aimed at integrating native Dutch people.

This new legislation's main goal would be to make immigrants feel less discriminated against, and also it would enable Dutch people with little or no education to find jobs easier. The last argument is of course only meant as a justification for those who (like me) feel we should stop placating Muslims who refuse to learn to speak Dutch, insist on marrying imported brides and in some cases, feel justified in shooting film directors and then sawing their heads off.

Already, many political and practical objections have been put forward, and it doesn't look like this will ever become law. But the insanity of even such a proposal seems to be completely lost on the population at large, and on the lawmakers in particular. Many arguments have been offered, but none concerned the basic fact that

a Dutchmen should not have to proof he fits in!

This seems obvious to me. Clearly, it's not all that self-evident to our elected leaders. I think these so-called leaders don't fit in anymore.


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