Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Do I hear outrage?

Oh no, that's just snoring I hear.

After a
Muslim convert born to Dutch parents, who teaches religion in school, publicly states he desires the death of Dutch MP Geert Wilders, the most-heard comment from Dutch politicians is: "We should not give weirdo's like this a public speaking forum". That's right, they are mostly concerned with the fact that maniacs like this one are heard by the general audience. Why?

The politicians say it's because it 'poisons the debate'. Somehow the Dutch Attorney General knows that 'van de Ven's opinions are not representative for Muslims in the Netherlands'. What a prat! Every time Muslims are interviewed on TV, the best you can hope for is "It's wrong that he was killed, BUT...". And almost always do you get a lot of understanding for, if not outright agreement with the motive of van Gogh's murderer.

I say the reason they don't want filth like
this (Dutch) on TV is because they know it upsets the general population. Even if it's something the population should be upset about. AND THIS MUSLIM WAS TOTALLY HOMEGROWN!

The poison has spread far beyond anyones worst fears. And like a true epidemic, the government's first (and it seems their only) priority is preventing a panic. They're not that concerned with actually doing something about the problem. In fact, they have yet to acknowledge there IS a problem.


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