Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Barghouti as new PA Head?

There are way too many rumours about this maniac flying around to not take this serious anymore.
I guess it is not up to Israel who gets 'voted' next Fuhrer of the 'Palestinians'. It IS up to Israel however to make sure
this Jewkiller stays in jail for the duration of his sentence. Literally. And that mean five consecutive lifetimes.

So is there any chance this maniac gets out early? Yes, according to
Jonathan Pollard.
Israeli officials said last week they may release several jailed Palestinians as a "goodwill gesture" toward the future PA leadership. There have been a few reports that Barghouti, who was recently sentenced in Israel to five life terms for planning gun ambushes and a suicide bombing, may be considered for release, but Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is said to have rejected the idea. Reports list Barghouti as the widely favored candidate for PA president.
Crazier things have happened. But if Israel lets him out, then I am DEFINITELY not going to live there. Not 'cause I'd be afraid (though I should be), but because it would be clearer than ever that the Jews really don't want a country of their own.


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