Thursday, November 18, 2004

Appeasement in the Netherlands

On November 2nd, Theo van Gogh was brutally murdered, Al-Zarqawi style. Since then, Mosques and Islamic schools have been the target of firebombings and even a bomb attack. To make sure the Muslim population of the Netherlands still feels at home, even Queen Beatrix payed a visit to a predominantly Muslim school, apart from just about any politician worth the name.
Dutch daily
Het Parool (Dutch) published part of a reaction to this lopsided response, in which two Dutch writers have written a letter to the Queen:
"The Queen's visit to representatives of the Moroccan community is without a doubt useful, but it turns the world upside-down", say Noordervliet and Pam. "As far as we know no one of the Moroccan community has been murdered."
I'm almost embarassed that I failed to make this point: It is so obvious. Again the Muslims (with full cooperation of the Dutch media) have managed to maneuver themselves into the victim role, while it is their community that spawns the likes of Mohammed Bouyeri, Othman Ben A. and Samir A.
"If anyone deserves solidarity it is Ayaan Hirsi-Ali", say the writers. "She is forced into hiding to prevent meeting the same fate as Theo van Gogh."
Indeed. Hirsi-Ali, along with Geert Wilders, the Amsterdam Mayor and his deputy (Dutch) have all had death threats issued against them. Meanwhile, the Queen assures Muslims they have nothing to worry about!

The full content of the letter will be published tomorrow. I'll be translating it soon after.


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