Thursday, November 18, 2004

Glad they don't call THIS a peace protest...

'Greek anti-war rally turns violent' heads CNN. I wonder who's behind this 'rally'?
Chanting "American killers," protesters carried empty white coffins daubed with red Arabic writing to voice their objection to the war in Iraq. They also unfurled a large banner which read "Hands off Fallujah," the central Iraqi city where U.S. forces are battling insurgents.
Fallujah. Where US Marines discovered the gruesome killing ground of Al-Zarqawi and his 'followers'. Where more 5000 terrorists held the city hostage, until the Marines killed over 1600 of them and took prisoner another 1000 or so.

Almost any Iraqi interviewed after the liberation of Fallujah expressed gratitude for the Marines and their struggle, which cost the lives of 40 of them.

But in Athens, Greece, they say "Hands off Fallujah". In Arabic.

Welkom to Eurabia.


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