Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Not only are they vile...

... they're stupid too!
Yesterday Dutch daily Het Parool had an extensive report on the alleged Internet life of Mohammed Bouyeri, the man who
brutally murdered Theo van Gogh. The newspaper reported on how Bouyeri was very active on, a forum with mostly Moroccan visitors. A visitor with the nickname of Rifo79 had been making extremist statements about Western troops in Iraq, saying things like "I hope they all come back without their heads" and "I hope they all come back in pieces", "roasted like piglets", "faggots shooting from Apaches", etc. Also, when another visitor criticized Rifo79 for his statements, he was threatened and intimidated by Rifo79, who said "You better apologize, or else!".

So here we have Rifo79, who does indeed seem to be a mental twin of Mohammed Bouyeri. Only, after Het Parool and the Eight o'clock news reported on this matter, Rifo79 contacted the media to say he was not Mohammed Bouyeri, and he demanded retraction of statements saying that he was.

I'm sure it has not escaped anyone's attention here, but no one has come out and said it: Here's another such maniac. The only difference between him and Bouyeri is that 'Rifo79' has not yet been recruited for the holy cause.

Mohammed Bouyeri was not a lone nut. He wasn't even 'just one member of one small group'. He is just the best-known example of a phenomenon Holland has yet to publicly admit exists: A very large group (thousands at least) of young Muslims, born and raised in Holland, who totally identify with the most extreme elements in global Islam, and hate the very society that nurtured them.

'Rifo79' was too dumb to realize that by coming out like this he definitely put himself in the spotlight of police and security services. In his case, maybe this is pointless, as he will never amount to more than a hateful but otherwise harmless person. Also, it is clear that if the Dutch authorities so choose, they can track and stop the (wannabe) terrorists. This is not a particularly clever or dangerous enemy. There is just the small matter of political will, and accepting the reality of an enemy among us.


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