Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ann Coulter - more humour

Ann Coulter has a field day making 'gentle' fun of Democrats who still can't believe or accept they've lost the election. It all made me laugh, but this one really cracked me up, about people thinking it will be so bad, another four years under Bush, it makes them want to leave:
The day after the election, documentary filmmaker and Upper West Side denizen Mitch Wood told the New York Times: "Watching my kids this morning, going down the street, flicking things in the air, jumping around, I wondered, are they going to have that sense of freedom that I had growing up?"

As if on cue, a commercial jetliner piloted by Islamofascist hijackers did NOT crash in front of Wood at this point, killing his entire family instantly, in silent testimony to the national security we currently enjoy under President Bush. Wood gave no indication of noticing this.
Or this one:
Another denizen of the Upper West Side, Patty Fondrie, said: "If it gets bad, we'll go to France," where she will probably be murdered by Muslims.
Read it and have fun.


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