Wednesday, November 17, 2004

This is what happens when you get bullied at school

Jason W., one of the men arrested in The Hague last week after a prolonged stand-off with police and counter-terrorism teams, had been bullied at school for years, reports Dutch daily De Telegraaf (Dutch). When a SWAT team tried to arrest him and another man suspected of planning terrorist acts (with good ground it later turned out), Jason threw two grenades at them, after which SWAT withdrew. It was only after the national counter-terrorism team from the Royal Marines intervened that the two men were arrested.

Jason W. was the son of a US service man stationed in The Netherlands. He converted to Islam at age 14 (yes, seriously).

But it was bullying at school that drove him to plan to
murder Dutch MP's Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi-Ali. Yeah, right.

It may well be that the isolation and frustration felt by a bullying victim increases the susceptibility to a cult like Islam. But that says more about Islam then it does about Jason W., or about bullying. Clearly, Islam has the same attraction to the 'losers' in society as did Jim Jones, or Moon, or
Shoko Asahara (AKA Chizuo Matsumoto).

If you're frustrated and convert to Islam however, a free paramilitary training is included it seems.


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