Wednesday, November 17, 2004

More 'Sharon = Hitler'

Most of Spain was occupied by Islam until the end of the 15th century. All over Spain evidence of the Muslim domination can easily be found, such as Mosques, that have been converted after Christianity reconquered Spain.

Jews had a relatively good life under the Muslims in Spain, although they - like Christians - were always Dhimmi's, second-class citizens.

Muslims of course are re-reconquering Spain, this time by a combination of both legal- and illegal immigration, intimidation and bribery. But where to direct the self-loathing that comes with capitulating to the barbarians?

Well, wether it is because Muslims treated Jews fairly decently (until the advent of Zionism in fact), or it's just plain old Christian anti-Semitism, the modern-day Spanish of Oleiros are reverting to their old ways:
Mayor of Spanish City Heads Hate Campaign Against PM Sharon heads IsraelNationalNews.
Large electronic signs in the city, which boasts a population of less than 30,000, read, "Let's stop the beast! Sharon is a murderer, let's stop the new Nazis!" The signs were commissioned by the mayor of Oleiros, Angel Garcia Seoane, and despite official protests by Israel, he has no plans to take them down. The words "City of Oleiros" stand proudly atop the signs.
Of course this Mayor, who has his citizens pay for his 'misgivings' (although no-one there seems to disagree with him) is NOT, repeat NOT an anti-Semite:
The mayor says he's not anti-Semitic, and that "two of my son's best friends are Jewish."
Now there's a variation on a theme: Two of HIS SON'S best friends, no less!

A reported asked this idiot Jewhater to elaborate:
Seoane said, "This campaign is not against the Jewish nation, but rather against Sharon, who kills people with rockets and destroys houses... Yes, of course, Jews also should not have to be killed; the Jews have suffered greatly, and you just won the Nobel Prize [in chemistry] - and two of my son's best friends in Barcelona are Jews... But you are bringing hatred upon yourselves."
No hatred for the Arabs though. And notice the 'Yes, of course, Jews also should not have to be killed; the Jews have suffered greatly'...



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