Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Doesn't anybody believe in sovereignty anymore?

The most despicable non-Muslim country in the world (France, for those still in doubt) has a relatively new Foreign minister, called Michel Barnier. This meddlesome tripe-eater has gone from telling Israel to give the 'Palestinians' a state to telling the Americans to tell the Israeli's to give the 'Palestinians' a state! SERIOUSLY!
It is not possible to continue postponing the establishment of a Palestinian state, French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier told the newspaper Le Figaro in a story that appeared on Wednesday. He also criticized U.S. President George Bush's for moving too slowly on the creation of a state.
Of course this state should be created, no matter what,
while simultaneously taking into account Israel's security needs.
I've thought for a long time now that the Arabs get away with atrocities, lies, theft, oppression and everything else because the civilized world really looks upon them like children. They can't really help themselves, you don't take them too serious.

Same must go for the French. Their pompousness and arrogance is far beyond what any American president could ever afford himself, let alone the Foreign minister of a country that's not even a has-been.
No one really listens to them, let alone takes them serious. Well, Belgium perhaps. And that says it all.


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