Thursday, November 25, 2004

Amsterdam found cause of non-integration

The Amsterdam city council is cracking down hard on bars, clubs and discotheques that discriminate against Moroccans. It's been discovered you see, that the reason the Moroccans fail to integrate into Dutch society is that they get refused a lot in these establishments. They get refused purely out of racism and bigotry of course, which causes such resentment they turn to radical Islam and start shooting obnoxious filmmakers, and slashing their throats. I mean, what else is an isolated Muslim to do?

The fact that these Moroccans can't handle their liquor, get in women's faces and deal drugs far more often than is proportional of cours has nothing to do with them getting barred.

So the first actual concrete measure that Amsterdam (the city where
van Gogh lived and was brutally murdered by a Dutch-born Moroccan Muslim) takes is to crack down on the few people who say out loud they don't like Moroccans, and who can show good ground for their dislike.

Cool eh? You get to murder someone you hate, and as compensation, they force other people to allow you access to places you couldn't get into before.

Things are working out nicely for Moroccans in Holland.


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