Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Theo van Gogh's Murderer was Muslim extremist

According to Dutch newspaper Het Parool, the Muslim of Moroccan descent - who repeatedly shot van Gogh, then cut the dying mans throat - has religious motives for the assassination of the filmmaker. The man had been subject of a AIVD (Dutch secret service) investigation, and eight people have been arrested at varying locations in cases related to the murder.
BBC reports that
The man suspected of killing Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh is a suspected radical Islamist with alleged terrorist links, the Dutch authorities say.
The man, aged 26, with dual Dutch and Moroccan citizenship, had "radical Islamic fundamentalist convictions," Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner said.

The suspect was allegedly a friend of a detained Moroccan terror suspect.

Samir Azzouz, 18, is awaiting trial on charges of planning a terrorist attack on targets including a nuclear reactor and Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.

But the suspected killer of Theo van Gogh did not belong to the hardcore group of around 150 suspected militants under surveillance by the intelligence services.
New reports say that 5% of Hollands Muslim population is regarded as "radical" or "extremist". That means there are 50.000 (FIFTY THOUSAND) ticking timebombs walking the Dutch streets.

I predict emigration from the Netherlands is going to increase. A lot. The people leaving won't be Arabic speaker. But the ones replacing them will.


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