Thursday, May 19, 2005

For the record - Newsweek

I've said a number of times that Newsweek getting it wrong on the 'desecrations' is perhaps newsworthy in itself, but it was never the core issue. Robert Spencer of JihadWatch also noted that the real issue is of course the Islamic world's reaction to the 'news'. Hundreds of people injured, seventeen killed, and the whole world blames Newsweek. They're a bunch of Leftist idiots, but they didn't kill anyone. To quote Ann Coulter: "Newsmagazines don't kill people, Muslims do!"
So it's a shame to see
Hal Lindsey fall into the same trap.
All the retractions in the world, even if they are made, will not quench the fires of fanaticism this irresponsible report has ignited. The Muslim street is already predisposed to believe the most outrageous lies about the United States anyway. Now our own media has given them a choice excuse to hate us more.
Newsflash Hal: They never needed an excuse to hate us. And it's hard to see how they could hate us more.


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See, I can't read your blog during exams, I get incensed!

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