Saturday, May 14, 2005

Desecrating the Koran

Much fuss lately about the alledged 'desecrations' of the Muslim Bible in the Guantanamo prison facility. Someone needs to enlighten me on this, I've always wondered at what point exactly does a piece of paper become holy?

Trees are felled, through a long process made into paper. Some of it goes to newspapers, some to books, some maybe even into toiletpaper. Some of it goes into printing Korans.

Every single page. Is it holy before there's any writing on it, but when its designation is clear, namely Koranic scripts? Or does it take at least one Arabic letter? Or if more, how many? When it's full, is it then holy? Or does the Koran not become sacred until it is complete?

What if the Koran were printed onto rolls of toilet paper? Still holy? I guess it would then serve at least one actual purpose.

Of course the real question is why do Muslims get so 'upset' (read: Go into murder mode) after a (perceived) trespass against the Koran? I don't expect them to be happy about it, but only a barbarian would hurt, let alone kill a person over something as trivial as an object, thousands of which can be (and sadly ARE) printed every day.

Just another sympton of what is wrong with these people. They simply need to get a life in this life, instead of being so obessed with the next one.


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