Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"Leaky" PA jails

In this article in IsraelNationalNews the futility of dealing with the so-called 'PA security apparatus' is once again demonstrated. A known massmurderer is shot and killed by the IDF. Good, I hear you say, and I of course agree, but the man had already been aprehended and put in jail. But where Jew-killers are concerned, the PA has a revolving door policy. The moment the jews leave the building, doors are left open, eyes look the other way. Or maybe the murderers even get a ride home, who's to say?

Killing terrorists is better than arresting them. But if it means losing men like Sgt. Dan Talasnikov, 21, ()
the bitterness of dealing with the PA as if it were anything but a front for terrorists becomes too much to bear.

Handing terrorists over to their 'brothers' for the sake of justice: What are they thinking?


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