Saturday, April 02, 2005

Iran - Trust them, they're alright

You think stuff like this happens only in movies, with scripts written by people who desperately need psychiatric treatment. They need treatment in Iran too, only over there they act out their fantasies.
Kazemi's [an Iranian-born Canadian photojournalist] skull was badly bruised and her nose was crushed. Her eardrum was ruptured. Fingers were broken. Fingernails and toenails were ripped out. Her ribs were bruised, possibly broken. She had been flogged. A nurse reported Kazemi had been violently raped. "I could see this was torture," [Maj. Shahram Azam, a physician] said yesterday in Ottawa, after arriving this week with his family seeking asylum. And he said the torture went on for some time.
Why did this happen to her?
...was arrested June 23, 2003, outside Evin prison while taking pictures at a pro-democracy rally.
Like I said, they need treatment in Iran too. Perhaps the treatment can be combined with their lust for nuclear weapons. Make their dream come true.


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