Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Fortunately there's also people like this

Nathalie Portman. Very good actress. Incredibly good-looking. Brains to match. A Jew. And a supporter of Israel.
Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital received a $50 million donation last week from one of the people born there – famed Jewish actress Natalie Portman.
23-year-old Portman, whose family name is Hershlag, was born in Israel, and her father worked as a doctor in Jerusalem. She spent last summer studying Jewish History at the Hebrew University.

While studying at Harvard University, Portman wrote an open letter defending Israeli security policies after a pro-PLO student attacked Israel in the campus newpaper. She also frequently paid visits to Israeli victims of terrorism in hospitals during the course of the Oslo War.
Now I just want to marry her. But she was cute even when she was little...


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