Monday, March 21, 2005

Perhaps it's time to abandon ship

According to this article in Al-Haaretz, 75% of 'Palestinians' see the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza as a victory, as a result of Arab terrorism, to which Israel succumbed.

The article makes a valid point when it states that a precedent exists, both for the Arabs' belief that violence and terrorism pays off (and it must seem to be true, and sometimes it was) and for Israeli weakness in the face of that violence and terrorism.

But the real problem of course is not that Israel caves in to Arab violence. There has never been a physical danger large enough to really threaten Israel in its existence. Even in 1973, despite overwhelming numbers arrayed against the Jews, and the element of surprise in favour of the Arabs, Jews were on the defensive only days, after which Israel could have taken the capitals of all surrounding Arab countries without serious opposition, and could have slaughtered tens if not hundreds of thousands of Arab soldiers in the process.

No. The problem is that Israel caves in to foreign demands. Israel lets countries and entities like the US, UN and EU determine how to deal with terrorists, how to deal with countries that attack with Scud missiles, how to deal with countries that seek to aquire nuclear weapons to be used against Israel.

It is not Israel who decides where Jews can and cannot live in Israel, who to talk to when trying to come to terms with the Arabs, what 'maps' to follow to make peace.

If Israel were a person, its actions would be those of a slave, not a free man. He would let other 'persons' decide how far to go in self-defense, how to redecorate the house, how to solve disputes with the neighbours.

What does Russia have to do with the problems between Israel and the Arabs? What is Germany's stake in Judea/Samaria? What are France's interests in the Golan?

None of those countries have Israel's interests at heart. Quite the contrary, a cynic might say. Israel should completely disregard everyone except those who are PROVEN friends. And quite honestly, I can't think of any.

The Arab perception of the success of using violence and terrorism against Israel is surely a problem. It convinces the Arabs it is the path to victory, and makes coexistence less likely then ever before.
Israel could cure the Arabs of this perception in no time at all. But it is exactly the absence of the will to do so that makes up the much larger problem. Without that will, the will to do what is right for Israel and its Jews, Israel will give up the 'West Bank'. And then Jeruzalem. And ultimately, every last bit of land. If Israel does not come this realization very soon, it will start dying a slow and horrible death.

And the saddest thing is: It will be by its very own hand.


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