Saturday, March 12, 2005

Just a reminder

The Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad has the good grace to remind us that Ayaan Hirsi-Ali is living under a constant death-threat.
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For apostasy, for criticism of Islam in general, and making a movie about abuse of women under Islam in particular. A movie made by Theo van Gogh, who was brutally murdered by a Dutch-born Muslim extremist.
No one in Holland has as many determined enemies as does Ayaan Hirsi Ali [But some, like Geert Wilders do come pretty close - ed]. Radical Muslims are planning to assassinate her.
The article is a personal interview with this courageous woman, and it should make the Netherlands realize how lucky we are that her 'escape' from Somalia led her here.
After November 2 [The day Theo van Gogh was murdered - ed] my naivete disappeared. First you think: 'Oh well, these people were born and raised in Holland, they won't do these things. They think it's tough to talk radical, but these kids have never seen real blood'. Now it turns out to be a lot more complex. Young men are being indoctrinated and see one decapitation after another on the Internet. Obviously this has an effect.
I did live for years with the fear that something might happen to me. But it was a vague fear. After the attack on Theo that fear is no longer vague. You know what death looks like, and you know there are people who will actually dare. I can't pretend people are essentially good anymore. I used to be comforted by the thought that Muslim extremism would blow over. I don't think that any longer.
Like I said. Holland should be grateful indeed fate brought Hirsi-Ali here. She's a thorn in the side of Militant Islam, and she hurts. What drives her I can't begin to guess, but I'm glad she's here. And there's hope for the Dutch people yet while they continue to agree with her and support her.


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