Saturday, March 05, 2005

Once you go Muslim, you can never go back

Apostasy - Abandonment of one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause.
Apostasy under Islamic law is punishable by death. It takes no effort whatsoever to become a Muslim, but like Hotel California, you can never leave.
Assuming that the individual:
  • Openly rejects Islam, and
  • Has made this decision freely and without coercion, and
  • Is aware of the nature of his/her statements, and
  • The apostate is an adult
then the penalty prescribed by Shari'a (Islamic) law is execution for men and life imprisonment for women.
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This is not really news for anyone even slightly interested in Islam, or even if you happen to live in W-Europe.

But what few people know is that Islam prescribes the same attitude towards lands it has conquered. Examples of this are Bosnia, where - after the breaking up of former Yugoslavia - Muslims from all over the world came to fight against the infidels. Remember that it was only late in the 19th century that the Turks were driven from the European heartland, less than 130 years ago. Land that is conquered by Islam and then lost again will always remain 'Dar al-Harb', domain of war, as opposed to the domain of Islam.

Spain was liberated from Islam by the Reconquista about 500 years ago. But the descendants of the Muslims that were driven out after centuries of occupation still commemorate the 'mass exodus' as can be read at MEMRI:
After more than five centuries, Muslims of Al-Andalus (now Spain) still mark every year in anguish the mass exodus of their ancestors by Spanish authorities to North Africa.
They're still angry over being kicked out of lands where they didn't belong. And they demand an apology:
In 2002, Hakim sent a message, inked by an elite of Moriscos, to Spanish King Juan Carlos asking for a public apology to the descendants.

The message, however, fell on deaf ears.

Hakim; nevertheless, sent another message to the king, asking him to explain why he rejected his call while he apologized to the Jews in a visit to Israel in 1992 for the mass exodus from Al-Andalus.

I think because we don't have a powerful lobby like the Jews, who make the best use of the past to get financial gains, Hakim said.

But the Muslims only want a moral compensation and that's why, ironically, Spain is adamant, he added.
Of course the Jews have to be dragged in. Few organizations have been more ruthless at persecuting Jews than the Spanish Inquisition, as practicing Judaism was illegal. But not as illegal as subjugating the major part of the Iberian peninsula and forcing everyone to convert. It seems obvious that these are tresspasses of slightly different order, but then, no Muslim has ever been accused of a sense of proportion.

Anyway. I guess the title of the land belongs to those who keep it. Spain belonged to the Muslims while they had the power to hold on to it, and keep the Christians at bay. The Spanish may have had a legitimate claim to the land, but only when they had the armies to back that claim up did Spain become theirs again.

The Jews have the oldest claim to what is now Israel. But they were driven off, and no one was going to help them regain it. Now it is theirs again. The only way the Arabs are getting it from them is if they give it away. And it seems the Jews have every intention of doing so.

Count on the Jews to find novel ways of doing things.


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