Monday, February 28, 2005

So sad (but so true)

Louis Rene Beres of WorldNetDaily has this terrible piece on Israel's present course. It is is terrible because the course is terrible, and becaus the end result will be terrible. All the more so because it never needed to be.
Incomprehensibly, a prime minister of Israel still codifies PLO-PA-Fatah's jihad-centered rule over essential and expanding sectors of the Jewish state. Yet, Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas was mentored by Yasser Arafat, and "Arafat" – in the plain spoken words of Gustav Hendrikssen, professor emeritus of Bible Studies at Sweden's Uppsala University – "is the heir of Hitler, and the Palestinian Covenant [even after its alleged 'amendation'] is a more disgusting document than the Nuremberg laws."

Significantly, when this self-described "aged and bitter Gentile" recalled his reactions to awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to "one of the most despicable figures in our century," he saw in that event the drama not of tragedy, but of farce: "When I saw the prime minister of Israel and its foreign minister standing next to this murderous clown," says professor Hendrikssen, speaking of Rabin and Peres, "I had to think again about the meaning of the term 'friend of Israel.'"
Israel is self-destructing. As Beres says, 5 consecutive prime ministers have all followed this same doomed course.
For the Jews of present-day Israel, the Israel Defense Forces must stride toward disaster – not to fulfill an historic inevitability, but because its current leadership remains too blind to understand where it is "finally" going. Fawning upon their own doom, Israel's warriors cannot recognize that the spheres of reason, order and justice are terribly limited, or that George W. Bush cannot /will not save them.

Israel would be ennobled if its impending disasters were the creation of divine spite or injustice – its fall would then be authentically tragic – but this is not what is coming to pass. Rather than expecting to be hallowed as it passes through flame, the Jewish state will merely be burned and dismantled as it is transformed into "Palestine." In the final moments, if the prime minister refuses to change course, there will be no fusion of grief and joy, of lament and rejoicing – a fusion characteristic of tragedy – but only a great and confused sadness that what had brought down the Third Temple Commonwealth were the avoidable complicities of a foolish prime minister.
Poetic. And excruciating.


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You call it "Justice" to shoot a man with a different opinion about sharon. Hmm not very civilised are you....

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Blogger D said...

Are you talking about Red Ken? This is the wrong post, but I'll respond anyway.
I never called it justice that I'd like to see Livingstone shot. It's really just a personal wish. I have no hope it'll come to pass, he's making more and more friends everyday, but one can hope, right?

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