Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Whole worlds hails 'Palestinian' cease-fire

All of Israel is expected to keep the truce. No one minds that not all 'Palestinians' plan to do the same.
Hamas and Islamic Jihad have said they are not bound by the ceasefire agreed between Palestinian and Israeli leaders at a summit in Egypt on Tuesday.
I think Israel should not shoot Abbas or Qureia while they demonstrably keep the truce. The rest of the Arab murderers is fair game. As it always was, and should be.


Anonymous daniel said...

Instead of looking at what doesn't happen, take a look at what does happen.

Arafat has been dead 4 months and suddenly things are happening that were impossible just a short time ago. Suddenly the Palestinian police which claimed to be too feable to act is acting. Suddenly Palestinian officers that allow Kassam rockets to be fired from their turf are removed from their position. What's going on?

Well, the mad dictator is dead and the other mad dictator sits in a US jail. That, together with the security barrier is the basis for peace. Sure Arafat's replacement once denied the Holocaust but you can't deny that he has done more to curb terror in the last month than Arafat did in the past 11 years. Just kicking out those Palestinian officers which collaborate with the terrorists is a step into a whole new direction. A direction of accountability, of reason and law.

So I think you must give Abbas the benefit of the doubt. He has his past, as Arafat had, but he at least is willing to take the minimum steps to end terror. If he does, we will accept him as he is.

But the question that must now be asked is if we are singing the praises of a true peace partner or of another charlatan.

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