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Much attention was paid recently to the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet forces. The UN took the opportunity to draw attention away from the various scandals that mark the would-be world government these days. Annan and his minions look more hypocritical than ever before, paying hommage to hundreds of thousands of Jews murdered in the world's largest ever death camp, the UN being in the forefront of Jew-hatred at any other time.

Many leaders of countries were at Auschwitz too. Countries that sixty years ago willingly and cooperatively turned over their Jews to the Germans for extermination, or if they were not occupied, refused to allow in Jews attempting to flee the mass-murderers.

Today's leaders and peoples may bear no responsibility whatsoever for the actions and attitudes of their parents and grandparents, but it is all but certain that were today's Jews to face a similar predicament, they would be as welcome in Sweden, Switzerland, Great-Britain or the US as they were then.

Never again. That's what people say, with solemn faces. But even as a little boy, when my father and grandfather showed me pictures, let me read about the Holocaust, I could never understand why people would never allow it to happen again, if they allowed it to happen in the first place, and in fact actively participated.

Are people sorry 6 million Jews were murdered? Do they think it was wrong?
Do people love Jews all of a sudden?

I have no wish to claim remembrance of the Holocaust as an exclusively Jewish affair (and for those other groups, such as gypsies, persecuted as well). I just wish the Americans, British, Russians, French and all the rest of the monstruous hypocrites would stop pretending they care now, or cared then. They don't now, and they didn't then. And as for the perpetrators themselves, if they can't bring themselves to redeem themselves in any real, meaningful way, then silence would be most fitting.


Anonymous daniel565 said...

I am willing to believe that the allies didn't bomb Auschwitz for the same reason why those people who were walked into the gas chambers didn't try to run away: They simply could not believe. Most people could not believe.

This stands in complete contrast to the world of today where people seem to believe anything. But if you think that in 2005 the world would have bombed Auschwitz you are deceiving yourself.

Because how do you ever expect Auschwitz to be bombed if in the face of the slaughter of innocents in Rawanda the world mumbles "never again" and does nothing. How do you dare to complain about Auschwitz if there are 100.000 dead in Sudan, yet we declare it a non-genocide event and solemnly declare never again.

This is the reality. We live in the age of genocide and its slogan is "never again". Like the Soviets who enslaved people in the name of freedom, our international institutions sing "never again" while they sanction genocide.

As long as we allow mass murder to occur every once in a while as if it was an accidental outbreak of disease we must accept the possibility of being exterminated like vermin ourselves. Or does the promise "never again" only benefit Jews? When they say "never again" do they actually say "never again shall the Jews be exterminated, but for others we will make an exception"?

Or is the entire promise "never again" a fraud. If you look at the history of the 2nd half of the 20th century you will find holocaust after holocaust. What happened in Cambodia in the 70ies was a holocaust. The Anfal campaign of Saddam Hussein against the Kurds in the late 1980ies was a holocaust. But when the US wanted to remove Saddam, the entire world rose up to protest. Saddam's removal has been deemed illegal by the international community.

Thus the claim "never again" is a hoax and it is a disgrace Jews are participating in this deception. Instead of showering ourselves with memorials we should demand proof of anti-genocidal action: What have you done to earn your place here? Who has acted and who has not, who stood by and who took action? If Jews had any self-respect they would thank the world for all the wonderful Holocaust memorials of the past 60 years and refuse to participate in any other memorial untill indeed the world fulfils its promise of "never again".

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