Sunday, December 19, 2004

European insanity taken to extremes

Swedish children get kidnapped by 'Palestinian' father, and what follows is so ridiculous it beggars belief:
Commenting on the case, the Swedish Foreign Office noted that the situation is highly sensitive since the children have dual nationality - Swedish and Palestinian - and that according to Palestinian law, the children are the wards of their father.

This is a remarkable point of view on several accounts. Firstly, because Swedish law applies to Swedish citizens, the more so since they were kidnapped from Sweden. No other legislation is relevant until the children have been returned home. The father is in breach of Swedish law, for a crime committed in Sweden.

The second consideration is the illogic of the Foreign Office's standpoint: the children do not - and in point of law can not - have dual nationality. There is no country called Palestine. While the emergence of such a country may well be a highly desirable goal for reasons of geopolitical interest, Palestine does not today exist. The children therefore do not have dual nationality, and Sweden accordingly need take no such consideration into account.

"Citizens, Yet "Stateless": A Matter of Expediency

What is even more remarkable about Sweden's claim that the children are citizens of a country called Palestine, is that Sweden at the same time provides asylum to countless Palestinians as "stateless refugees". They are apparently both stateless and nationals - depending on the political niceties at stake.
I was not surprised at the level of official recognitioon Sweden awards the Arabs who call themselves 'Palestinians', but through the UN, many countries do much the same! It is a very insidious move, and all the harder therefore to counter. How can you deny something is a country if it has its own Top Level Internet domain? If it has its own international telephone extension?

Israel officially exists, but in all other respects, it is being denied.
'Palestine' does not exist, but in every way that matters, the UN has already recognized 'Palestine'. Wonder if the one is somehow connected to the other?


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