Thursday, December 09, 2004

French surprised, annoyed at Israeli "anti-Frenchism"

"I think there is a neurosis that causes anti-Frenchism," the ambassador, Gerard Araud, told Army Radio. "This anti-French neurosis has led to France being so hated in Israel. The relationship between the two countries is very difficult. You simply love to hate us."
says the French ambassador to Israel.

It's true that France does not criticize Israel anymore than most other European countries (not that that is a consolation).
But what IS different about France is the extent and intensity of its ties to the Arab world.
The French act as though there's no problem being normal to your face, and at the same time being best friends and partners with the homicidal maniacs who are out to kill you and your entire family.

Yeah, they're a civilized country alright.


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