Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hanan Ashrawi: a true 'Palestinian'Arab

Lying sack of excrement, in other words.
She gets two pages of interview's worth over at the JeruzalemPost. Waste of good time and space, because this supremely deceitful member of the Jewkillers' elite does nothing but lie and twist, with a polite face.
As I said, the interview is 2 pages long, and there's no real need to read any of it, I did the dirty job for you. Here's the jist of it:
Jerusalem Post: How do you explain the disturbing children's shows that encourage violence and martyrdom that Palestinian television airs?

Ashrawi: "The violence is not manufactured by the Palestinians. The occupation is violent. Palestinian children don't have to learn about violence from textbooks or TV. All they have to do is watch the news. All they have to do is live in an area that is bombed or shelled or where their parents are arrested or beaten up.

"Studies show that more than 80% of Palestinian children are in constant trauma. Most Palestinian children have had relatives killed and have themselves been subjected to violence. So, the reality they live in is inherently abnormal, and therefore, to say that they are being bombarded with [messages of incitement and violence], no, it seems to me that it is the occupation at fault.

"Furthermore, they are robbed of their traditional source of security and comfort, their families, since their parents themselves are vulnerable and cannot protect their children. There are all sorts of problems that these poor children have to contend with. I've always called for less violence on all television because reality is violent enough."
Ashrawi forgets to mention the fact that all the violence is due to the Intifada. Arabs started it. Stop the violence, and they can live in peace.
Had they accepted the Barak offer of a state in 2000, they'd be called Palestinians for real by now. But the scum chose war. And now the defenders are to blame for the war trauma of the Arab children.

And trust me: Ashrawi would not have it any other way. She will gladly sacrifice 'her' children as a political tool, as bargaining chips. It is the 'Palestinian'way.


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