Monday, December 13, 2004

Truth hurts Muslims

People say the truth hurts. I disagree with that. The truth rarely hurts.

It hurts however in the case of Mohammed, prophet of Islam. Judged by modern standards, there's no denying Mohammed was a paedophile. In the UK, Muslims are at the forefront of a fight to make it illegal to say so, but Charles Moore, former editor of the Daily Telegraph is adamant:
Charles Moore, former editor of The Daily Telegraph, provoked a storm of criticism from British Muslims yesterday for an article in which he championed the right to call the Prophet Mohamed a paedophile.

Mr Moore, who opposes new legislation banning incitement to religious hatred, chose the sensitive issue of the Prophet's marriage to a nine-year-old to illustrate his case. "It seems to me that people are perfectly entitled - rude and mistaken as they may be - to say that Mohamed was a paedophile
And it's not like the sick bastard was 16 when he 'married'her: He was at least 53 years old. What's more, he didn't MARRY her when she was 9, he did so when she was 6. HE CONSUMMATED THE MARRIAGE WHEN SHE WAS 9.

Like I said, judged by modern standards. I don't even want to know what standards the Arabs had in the 7th century AD, if they chose to elevate to prophethood a pervert like Muhammed.


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