Sunday, December 12, 2004

'Palestinians' change colors once more

Treacherous even for an Arab, Holocaust denier 'Palestinian' chairman Abu Mazen (AKA Mahmoud Abbas, but who can keep track?) has officially apologized to the Kuwaiti despots for supporting Saddam Hussein when he invaded Kuwait. The 'Palestinians' were the only ones to do so, but now that Saddam is gone as their prime financial backer, they have no problem kissing Kuwaiti ass. And the Kuwaiti's, being Arabs themselves, are not at all surprised and don't mind their asses kissed.
Kuwait severed ties with PLO as a result of the Gulf War fall-out and cut its financial backing.

After Saddam Hussein was driven out, the emirate expelled some 400,000 Palestinians, although a few thousand stayed or have since returned.

Mr Abbas said he would be asking the Kuwaiti leadership for financial backing on behalf of the PLO.

"Of course we will present our special needs in front of them [Kuwaitis] and leave it to their consideration," he said, quoted by Reuters.
Miserable terrorists and Jewhaters. Back Saddam in a war of agression and conquest. A bad gamble, and as always they lose. But no matter, because they have no shame. Turn like a leaf on a tree, debase yourself, and beg the people you would previously condemn for a life under the heel of Saddam for money,to kill more Jews. As simple as that.

Isn't it handy to have no pride, no honour?


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