Sunday, December 19, 2004

More Kassams on Sderot

Arabs fire 'home-made' rockets on Sderot. 8 people are wounded. No one was killed, but that is only a matter of time. People were killed before. Today, IsraelNationalNews reports:
As the government prepares to quit Gaza – with no clarity as to how it will guarantee the safety of the Kassam-beleaguered western Negev – 11 Kassam rockets landed in Sderot yesterday and today.
Short recap: Sderot is a village in the Negev desert, close to Gaza. It is located in 'Israel proper' therefore.
Kassams are rockets that cannot be aimed with anymore accuracy than a firecracker, but as can be seen from the link above, if evil chance so decided, it is plenty lethal. It's only purpose however is to kill at random, and to make people afraid. A terrorists' weapon is ever there was one.

It's been relatively quiet after the IDF went into Gaza following the murder of the two boys. But it's all so horribly predictable, and predicted. These Arabs don't learn. They fired 11 rockets and managed not to kill anyone. The Jews won't be so lucky next time. After which they risk the precious lives of soldiers going after the psychopaths. When they should be carpetbombing the place, and make them beg Israel to stop, and promise to be good from then on.


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