Friday, March 04, 2005

I believe Ken Livingstone should be shot

He must be feeling strong, safe, invulnerable even, after what he did and got away with, comparing a Jewish newspaper reporter to an Auschwitz campguard. So now this:
...he accused Israel of spreading misinformation about the scale of anti-semitism in Europe, and seeking to silence critics by calling them anti-semitic.

Mr Livingstone said: "Israel's expansion includes ethnic cleansing. Palestinians who had lived in that land for centuries were driven out by systematic violence and terror aimed at ethnically cleansing what became a large part of the Israeli state."

He added: "Today the Israeli government continues seizures of Palestinian land for settlements, military incursions into surrounding countries and denial of the right of Palestinians expelled by terror to return.

"Ariel Sharon, Israel's prime minister, is a war criminal who should be in prison not in office. Israel's own Kahan commission found that Sharon shared responsibility for the Sabra and Shatila [Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut] massacre."
The full interview with the Guardian is found here:
...I opposed Israel's illegal invasion of Lebanon, culminating in the massacres at the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila. The board also opposed my involvement in the successful campaign in 1982 to convince the Labour party to recognise the PLO as the legitimate voice of the Palestinian people.
In Shabra and Shatilla, Arabs murdered Arabs on a grand scale. As they are wont to do, and have done in Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq/Iran. The victims in the refugee camps belonged to the same group (the PLO) that had been doing the oppressing and murdering in Lebanon until Israel chased them out of there.

As for Red Ken recognizing the PLO as the 'legitimate voice of the Palestinian people', well, that says it all. Both about Livingstone and about the PLO.
Sharon continues to organise terror. More than three times as many Palestinians as Israelis have been killed in the present conflict. There are more than 7,000 Palestinians in Israel's jails.
'More than three times as many Palestinians as Israelis have been killed in the present conflict.' Almost all of the Palestinians killed were combatants. 'Fighters', terrorists or their leaders. Almost all of the Israeli's killed were civilians. Many were children, deliberately targeted. Moral equivalence Ken, good one. As for putting them in jail, well, what would you do with those targeting your women and children for death?
To obscure these truths, those around Israel's present government have resorted to demonisation. Initial targets were Palestinians, and have now become Muslims. Take the Middle East Media Research Institute, run by a former colonel in Israeli military intelligence, which poses as a source of objective information but in reality selectively translates material from Arabic and presents Muslims and Arabs in the worst possible light.
Demonisation. How evil of Israeli citizens to translate what Arabs say in their various media. Selectively or no (and there are plenty of articles about Arabs wishing for peace with Israel, or reforms in the Arab nation), I dare anyone to find a lie on MEMRI. But the truth hurts Ken and the useful idiots like him. It also exposes the "there's a Jewish conspiracy going on" mindset of this vile piece of shit.

So I repeat: Ken should be shot. In the head.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Red Ken has always been anti-Israel as well as an anti-semite although he'd never admit to the latter.

He, along with his friend George Galloway and many others, signed the's approval of the Cairo Declaration calling for a one state solution and the ROR for all the Arabs... of course, this is just a nice way of advocating the abolition of the State of Israel.

Red Kens office is staffed with many radical Muslims, of which his right hand man is one...

He shouldn't just be shot, he should be thrown out of the Labour party, but while he's attracting the radical Islamic vote and is a good friend of Qaradawi, then he and some of his other cronies in the Labour party will be free to espouse any anti-semitism or anti-Israel nonsense they want!

It's only the Muslims who are protected from any criticism in the UK, but they can call for the death of all Jews with impunity (thanks to people like Red Ken and his ilk)!

2:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And after you shoot Ken, do you also shoot Amira Hass for her article ?

According to your principles she must surely be an antisemite, even though she is in fact a jew......

2:45 PM  
Blogger D said...

My opinion on treasonous Jews like Hass (=hate in German, must be a coincidence) is not a secret: They are the worst enemy the Jews have.
If I didn't think she'd draw a lot of sympathy by dying this way, I would pay for the bullet myself.
Rather, I'd see her die by the hands of those she wishes to treat as equals, but can't wait to saw her head off: The Arab barbarians she thinks need, want and DESERVE another country.

Amira Hate is a moron and a shill for those who would murder her people without batting an eye. A good Jew then, by anyone's definition.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk of "shooting" anyone for their comments does a disservice to our cause and puts us in the same category as the terrorists in Iraq who shoot their countrymen for giving a haircut they find offensive. Please be careful in your use of such incendiary language.

7:03 PM  
Blogger D said...

You could be right. But I don't think so. 'Our' cause (I don't know who you are) is not served any more by staying polite and keeping the high ground. It's come down to a matter of survival. And in such cases, it really would be best if those who threaten your very existence would be dead. That means powerful politicians like Livingstone, and traitorous Judenrat Jews like Hass. Chase them and their like underground, as those who fight radical Islam are forced to hide in the Netherlands.
The way Israel's been playing the 'game' has proven to be a losing strategy. It's time to be a bit more direct. In the words of a Dutch convert to Islam: "I would not kill him myself, but it would be good if he died of cancer within a year or two".

Not everything they say is nonsense.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Craigy B said...

Ken should be shot should he?

... and scum like you should be thrown in jail for advocating that sort of hatred.

9:29 PM  

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