Wednesday, March 09, 2005

PLO like IRA?

At NationalReview, Emanuele Ottolenghi has a good piece on the prerequisites for peace between Israel and the Arabs. And although the comparison between the IRA and the PLO fails in some significant ways, she has a very valid point here:
What the United Kingdom demanded of the IRA before the IRA could join the Northern Ireland peace process is also what should be asked of Palestinians. Decommissioning of IRA weapons was and still remains central to the successful completion of the Good Friday Agreement. Failure to decommission is the principal cause for lack of progress in the process. The lingering doubts about the IRA’s genuine intentions that stem from its refusal to fully comply are the justifiable logic for suspension.

Why should Palestine be different? Why should Israel make concessions and take risks for peace when terrorists are not being disarmed and their deadly potential is not being neutralized once and for all?
What is even more significant than the Arabs not disarming the terrorists among them is the fact that they were not asked to do so by anyone at the negotiating table. NOT EVEN BY ISRAEL.

It must be to far-flung an idea.


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