Friday, March 11, 2005

Dhimmitude - for real

Something struck me today. I was walking across a market in West Amsterdam, and I was hit in the face by the realization that the average Amsterdammer is already resigned to living under Muslim domination.

A little background info. I work for a large IT company, and am presently outsourced to a government agency located in a neighbourhood in old-Western part of Amsterdam. This part of town has arguably the largest percentage of Turks and Moroccans of all Amsterdam. And that means as much as 70% or more. Walking across that market gives you the very real and distinct feeling you are abroad, visiting a souk in Istanbul or Casablanca. Except the weather's too cold right now.
But the language, the way people dress, the market stalls and their wares, it is all fitting. Just about all women are veiled, certainly all non-Dutch women are, many are dressed in an Afghan style-like Burkha. Most men too are dressed in traditional Muslim garb.

A little more background info. The Dutch are probably the meekest, weakest people on earth. Worse even than the French. The French at least will fight if they need to and think they can win. The Dutch won't fight even then. The fiercest form of Dutch resistance to occupation (as in WW2) is distributing newspapers that didn't carry the official seal of approval of the Germans. There wasn't anything exciting, let alone illegal in them, they were just, well, not officially approved.

The Dutch still talk about their WW2 'resistance' with a capital "R".

And for every person that took part in the 'resistance', there were two betraying him to the Germans.

The Dutch are about as spineless as they come. I should know, I am one (albeit an a-typical one).

So. In this part of town, the native Dutch are for all intents and purposes
dhimmi's already.Their attitude (eyes cast down, don't look a Muslim in the face, you don't know what he might do), their behaviour (get out of the way when a Muslim approaches, or be overly friendly).

Fear rules these people. And both parties know it. Young Arabs and Turks flaunt their domination. And the Dutch remain silent.

It will be no great change when Muslim are the official majority,and (starting at the municipal level) decide what's good for Holland's capital.
I don't see how it will take another 35 years for all of the Netherlands to change to where most of Amsterdam is today. It will be much quicker than that.
I also don't see antything that could change the course of events. I don't plan to be here by the time things are unbearable, but then, many native Dutch feel the same way, and their exodus will only speed up the Islamic conquest.

So what do we do to stop it? Nothing. The Dutch do nothing. It's too confrontational. Too real. Can't somebody please help us? The Bushitler perhaps? The AmeriKKKans? We hate them for it, but they saved us at least twice before...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't agree with you often (you're too pessimistic and radical for my taste), but for once you're totally right :-)

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