Sunday, March 13, 2005

Good. Can't happen soon enough.

Revealed: Israel plans strike on Iranian nuclear plant
Israeli forces have used a mock-up of Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment plant in the desert to practise destroying it. Their tactics include raids by Israel’s elite Shaldag (Kingfisher) commando unit and airstrikes by F-15 jets from 69 Squadron, using bunker-busting bombs to penetrate underground facilities.

The plans have been discussed with American officials who are said to have indicated provisionally that they would not stand in Israel’s way if all international efforts to halt Iranian nuclear projects failed.
This information is a bit more concrete than this:
The United States will pursue "stronger action" if Iran does not abandon its nuclear weapons ambitions, Vice President Dick Cheney said in an interview Friday.
Whatever. I still think the Mad Mullahs should be given a real taste of a proper nuke. One detonated at 500 meters over Teheran.
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