Monday, March 21, 2005

A good day for Islam

People must be getting very desperate in Qatar: Car bomb targets theatre in Qatar. Whoever did it must have been so oppressed and desperate for a country of their own. Poor suicidists.
The BBC feels it may suspect the reason for the atrocity:
The attack comes on the second anniversary of the start of the US-led war in Iraq.
I honestly fail to see the connection. The BBC must know something I don't.

And then more of the same in Pakistan. This time it's the Shia'a being mean to the Sunni's. So what's a good Sunni Muslim to do? Isn't it obvious? Pakistan blast toll climbs to 44. CNN helpfully offers the following cliche:
Most of the Muslims live together peacefully, but small groups of militants on both sides stage attacks.
150 MILLION Muslims live in Pakistan. If 1% of those belong to the 'small groups of militants', that's 1.5 MILLION extremists for you. Even a tenth of that could plunge the world into darkness. Lucky for us they hate each other first. Don't count on that to last though.


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