Friday, March 18, 2005

We're up there with the best of them

The trial of a Dutch businessman accused of selling chemicals to former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to make poison gas is due to open in Rotterdam.

Frans van Anraat is accused of war crimes and genocide, the first time a Dutchman has faced that charge.
The total amorality of this man is astounding. Or it would be if you thought the Dutch are all about windmills, cheese and wooden shoes.

They're not.

They are about making money (and who isn't), and they don't care who they have to deal with in order to get it. Be friends with murdering Arabs and an enemy to Jews? No problem, but we'll at least be polite about it. Murder some Kurds? Who cares about them anyway?
The US issued a warrant for Mr van Anraat's arrest for alleged export violations while he was living in Iraq for more than 10 years up until the US invasion in 2003.

During that time, reports say he fed information to the Dutch intelligence agency on Saddam Hussein's weapons programme.
It's not like we didn't know about this pervert. But see, we got INFORMATION in return for selling WMD's to Hussein. So that makes it alright then.

There'll be some ironic (in)justice in that this sick individual will probably have to pay for this alone. Never mind that he probably did it with the full knowledge and cooperation of Dutch intelligence. He's fucked.

Proud to be Dutch. Yes sir.


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