Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Preparing for 'peace' with 'Palestinians'

The logical conclusion of the Gaza 'disengagement' is of course that instead of Sderot being singled out by Arab terrorist for their murderous rocket attacks, now all the lands around Gaza becomes part of the shooting range. The terrorists will have a free reign to fire from wherever they want, and the leisure to develop rockets with ever-increasing range. And the Jews? Well, they'll just have to build stronger roofs
The IDF is preparing for what it sees as the dangers of the disengagement: a program for the reinforcement of roofs in the Negev – those that are considered to be within rocket range of nearby Gaza.

The buildings of nurseries, kindergartens and day care centers within several kilometers of Gaza will be protected, according to the new Home Front Command army program.
What do you think will happen when - G-d forbid - the Arabs gain control of (parts of) Judea and Samaria?

Let's just say it will be a prosperous time for roofers in Israel. And for undertakers too.


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