Thursday, March 24, 2005

Human Rights = Palestinian Rights

FrontPageMag has this article on the hiring of researchers by Human Rights Watch, an organization taken seriously by many otherwise sane people. In this particular case, it would be laughable, if it weren't so sad and disgusting.
Ms. Mair's qualifications include writing for the "Electronic Intifada" and work with Grassroots International, a radical pro-Palestinian political organization. (Since HRW's employment process is secret, and not subject to independent review, we are unable to compare her credentials and expertise on universal human rights issues with the other candidates.)
It's funny that the even the people who fund and sponsor this organization aren't allowed insight into its hiring policies. But anyway, when they use decidedly biased and partial persons like Mair, any credibility they might have had goes out the window. Like it does for Amnesty, here, and here.

'Charities' like human rights organizations are always Left-leaning. This is not strange, because people with socialist/leftist sympathies tend to be more sensitive to the problems of other people, and more inclined to donate to such causes, or even take action. All of which is good.

These days however, Left-leaning has become synonymous with anti-Israel, anti-American and pro-Evil. Which means that HRW and Amnesty have simply become part of the lopsided political struggle, have joined the team of Goliath (how apt, since he was a Philistine too), and are no longer even trying to keep up appearances.

Can anyone please direct me to an instance, an article, anything at all where a human rights organization has stood up for the Jews? Any Jews, at any time? It would restore a little bit of my faith in mankind.

Not gonna happen, is it? I guess I should call it refreshing that the masks have come off. Please read the whole article.


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