Monday, August 09, 2004

Comparing Amnesty to the UN...

...And coming up equal.
Amnesty is a Travesty, Angela Bertz analyzes Amnesty's attitude and trackrecord with regards to Israel, and she finds it sorely lacking. As did I in this commentary.
Amnesty refers to Israel as "Israel/Occupied Territories". No other country is singled out for such a derogatory title. In fact, with 404 reports, behind only the United States with 1,178 reports, Colombia with 499 reports and Indonesia with 409 reports, few other countries have received such attention. The Palestinian Authority, corrupt to its core, with the worst abuse record against its children in the world, has only 167. This is a disgrace, considering that the PA has committed or allowed over 100 suicide attacks against Israel, lynchings, shootings by the score... And who in Israel will ever forget the brutal killing in May 2004 of 13 young soldiers, blown to pieces while trying to destroy tunnels in Gaza used to smuggle ammunition? We had to watch as the soldiers' dignity was abused beyond anything humanly acceptable by Gazan ghouls, who raced with joy through the streets with blown up body parts. The Gazans even commandeered an UNRWA ambulance, hoping to extract painful concessions from Israel for the return of the blown up body parts. Where is the AI report condemning this cannibalistic act?

The savage murder of a pregnant mother and her four little daughters appears under Israel and not where it firmly belongs under the PA section. The Palestinians have faced a report less than 10 times for their homicide attacks on innocent Israelis, yet they have committed over 100 attacks. Maybe AI has not had the time to bring so many gross infringements of human rights up to date.
I would add to this that it is simply beyond belief that the US or Israel would outrank China or North-Korea on AI's abuse list. It must be simple inconvenience which causes this... I mean, it must be hard for researchers to get to the bottom of things (or even get a visa) in China, and N-Korea, well, no one EVER goes there! So what the hell, we'll report on democratic countries, where you can go where you like, the coffee's good, and the hotels are not bugged.

Bertz is right. AI differs from the UN in no discernable way. So they are both despicable.


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