Monday, August 02, 2004

Give them a state, why don't we?

Palestinian shot in hospital bed heads BBC. This is hilarious. What happened is this: For some reason, a Palestinian Arab finds himself in a Palestinian Arab jail. A grenade is tossed into his cell BY A POLICEMAN! Wait wait, it gets weirder! He survives the initial attack, which incidently injures 6 others, and is taken to hospital (I presume under police escort, the man was after all under some form of arrest), where he is subsequently shot to death, while under treatment. Perhaps being shot WAS the treatment, it's hard to tell.
The report also doesn't say wether the killer was the same man that threw the grenade in the first place. It's not all that unlikely, you know.

The man was shot to death because he was suspected of being an Israeli collaborator. I guess there are instances where the thugs that pose as Arafat's police can't vouch for their own actions. These instances include (but are not limited to) anything involving anything "Jewish" or "Israeli". When that occurs, the "police" understandably revert to their natural state of savage barbarians with 21st century weaponry. So who can blame them?

Yes. These people are ready to join the global community as mature civilized human beings alright.


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