Thursday, July 29, 2004

Desensitization nearly complete

Pakistan condemns hostage deaths heads the BBC. Turns out the Muslim Psychopaths have murdered two Pakistani employees of a Kuweiti firm, which refused to leave Iraq. The two men had been kidnapped and threatened with murder unless.

The murderers have now made good on their threats.

It also marks the first time they've murdered fellow Muslims in this fashion.

Two remarks, the first related to the second:

  • This "incident" is no longer news for most news outlets. The BBC reports it, but not many other do. WHich means that the press and their audience is getting fed up with brutal murders (the report does not state wether head-sawings were performed) of kidnapped human beings, as I predicted
  • The Psychopaths are getting (even) more desperate. Turning upon "their own". Not a bad sign, although they are still murdering humans. But perhaps Pakistan has more clout with these demented sicko's than say, the US?
Anyway. As the world no longer even deigns to shrug at another atrocity like this, the murderers will seek for new ways to terrorize. But this method will become obsolete.


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