Thursday, August 05, 2004

Beautiful reading

I sometimes get despondent, when it seems the whole world is either indifferent or hostile to Israel. And the view does not change, but the mood does. Especially after reading something like this: Beware the Risen People
I say to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: Be aware of the Risen People who will sweep the enemy scourge into the dustbin of history. Know that the Jewish soul will be set free. The spectacular victories of the Israeli army and the return to Zion demonstrated that power. But it wasn't a miracle. It was just the soul of the Jew coming into its own. It was just the Jewish soul freed at last to be itself.

And I see it coming, the Jewish soul released to be itself. I see a new, proud Jewish government coming to power in Israel; a government that reclaims the Jewish holy places and restores Jewish sovereignty in all of Eretz Yisrael. I see Moslem control and Islamic sites removed from the Temple Mount to make it ready for Moshiach. I see the enemies of Israel, who raise up their hands to murder or injure Jews, driven from our Holy Land. I see the secular Jews of Israel and the world becoming more observant and returning to the Torah. I see religious Jews becoming more tolerant of diversity in Jewish practice.

I see a new Israeli foreign policy that grovels before no nation, no matter how powerful. I see Israel's Foreign Minister informing every nation that their embassies must be in Jerusalem. I see the government demanding that the Vatican return all the property it has stolen from the Jewish people during the last 2,000 years. Maybe they will refuse and we could always hold their property in Israel as a down payment. The Vatican has been used to dealing with obsequious, groveling Jews, but they will see proud, fearless Jews. I see an Israeli government that would change its relationship with America from one of subservience to one of equal alliance.
I am not a religious person in any way, I do not believe in any God. But the endurance and and influence of the Jewish people are almost enough to make me a believer.

Read it all. It gives hope.


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