Tuesday, August 03, 2004

BBC gets increasingly found out

HonestReporting (a mandatory read at least once a week) does a great job keeping tabs on the Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation. But DishonestReporting the BBC is so big and rich, they warrant their own watchdog, called BBCWatch. And these good people have published the following report: A new bbcwatch report finds an overwhelming anti-Israel bias in BBC documentary films.
Of the seventeen documentary programs the BBC produced on Israel over the past four years, only one presented Israel in a positive light; the other sixteen were overwhelmingly pro-Palestinian, casting Israel as a brutal aggressor nation.
The BBC employs impartial journalists too:
As continually noted by HonestReporting (and by journalist Tom Gross in a recent article), these BBC documentaries are part of a deep-seated, institutional anti-Israel bias, a culture that drove the senior BBC Arabic Service correspondent in Gaza, Fayad Abu Shamala, to announce at a Hamas rally in May 2001 that journalists and media organizations, including the BBC, are "waging the campaign shoulder-to-shoulder together with the Palestinian people."
I watch the BBC a lot. As long as they do not go into ANY politics, they are a great organization. I also value their independence from commercial and/or political organizations.
But when they get into politics themselves (which they do frequently), they invariably stray to the viewpoints of the far left, as they did on the war in Iraq, and as they in the case of Israel. It's good to know others are aware of this, and are even taking action to change it.


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