Thursday, March 31, 2005

Somebody help me

Vandals Desecrate Graves of Herzl, Ben-Gurion

What does this mean? Any ideas? Please comment.


Blogger Bubbi said...

Oh Daniel--it is very sad. There are many that are angry and with a right to be so.

I do not know who has done this but the whole idea of giving away land and uprooting settlers is so wrong.

Zionism is changing or now has off shoots like that of Yossi Beilin and his Yahad party that are promoting this two state process and pre-67 border. It is crazy!

So perhaps this is an expression of feeling betrayed by Zionism which in its pure form would never promote what we are now witnessing.

As people who are in high emotional conditions--they often express their anger in the wrong way for surely Herzl is in no way responsible for the current stae of affairs.

I fear for Israel Daniel as you do. This peace plan is a disaster or will be a disaater if it is totally implemented (which I do not see happening).

Keep up the good work Daniel!

6:22 PM  

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