Wednesday, March 30, 2005

On Jenin

Nathan Sharansky is always worth reading. But this article, possible because FrontPageMag received permission from Sharansky to publish part of his book "The Case For Democracy" gives great insight into what really happened in Jenin.

52 Arabs died, most of them armed terrorists. 23 Israeli soldiers died, because Israel did not carpet-bomb Jenin, as logic dictated but chose instead to fight the terrorists house-to-house. But
...Relying on phony information produced by Palestinian sources and claiming that Israel had killed over 500 civilians,(1) leveled a hospital, deliberately shot children, and executed prisoners, almost all the foreign press harshly criticized the Israeli action. The vilification rang out across the world, but the British press was in a class all by itself. The Independent called the Israeli opera­tion "a monstrous war crime."(2) A. N. Wilson, writing for the Evening Standard, called it a "massacre, and a cover-up of genocide."(3) The Guardian, not to be outdone, ran a lead editorial opining that "Jenin was every bit as repellent in its particulars, no less distressing, and every bit as man made, as the attack on New York on September 11."(4)
Read it all and be wiser.


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